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Full Biography

Andrews grew up amid the lead fumes and deafening reverberations of a paint plant and family hardware store in 1950s New Jersey. He was the third son in a Boomer-era family of five, with two older brothers and two younger sisters. 


Inspired by the religious leaders of the Civil Rights movement, Andrews enrolled at Princeton Seminary in 1975; his bourbon, soccer ball, and penchant for mischief in tow. It was an unlikely start to a distinguished 35-year career of ministry and mission. 


Andrews began his journey at Penningtonville Presbyterian Church, where "Revie Bobbie" brought new life to his small town Pennsylvania parish. It is also where he and his wife, Elaine, gave birth to their three children: Margaret, Mac, and Penelope.


In 1989, the Andrews family relocated to Grove Presbyterian Church, where Andrews spent more than two decades as the full-time pastor. During his tenure at Grove, Andrews led more than 12 mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua—the inspiration for his first full-length novel, Curvas Peligrosas


Throughout his pastoral career, Andrews has maintained an active and inspired writing practice which has led to a prolific body of written work ranging from poetry collections, full novels, essays, audio interviews, and a biweekly newspaper column that provides a thought-provoking religious commentary on our nation, hometowns, and life stories. 


Andrews was the recipient of the Presbyterian Writer’s Guild First Book Award in 2014, and publications include Focus on Physician, Presbyterians Today, Vanguard Magazine. His most recent writing project, This Land, is a collection of expanded columns written during a cross-country road trip to visit significant sites of political, racial, or social injustice that were chronicled by the legendary songwriter Woody Guthrie.

When not watching B-movie horror films of the '50s and '60s, or reading in his study with favorite cat Nyssa, Andrews has been known to grill a fine chicken satay or stew up an even better jambalaya.



Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Doctor of Ministry


Princeton Theological Seminary

Masters of Divinity


Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Bachelor of Arts


Available upon request

A Season for Everything: 

Tales of a Reluctant Pastor

A compilation of vignettes from life as a pastor in the style of Jean Shepherd, Bill Bryson, and Anne Lamott:  "It had only taken me twenty-eight years for me to listen to my brother."

Bible Beyond Third Grade

A revealing and edifying primer for Bible skeptics:  "It happened at my 40th college reunion banquet.  It happens quite often.  She was the lovely wife of a college class-mate who discovered that the fellow in the Panama hat and Hawaiian shirt sitting next to her was a preacher."

Nathaniel's Call

Available on Amazon

Historical fiction featuring Chaplain Nathaniel McKenna and regimental surgeon Valentine O’Rourke and their adventures through the Civil War as part of the 30th Regiment, West Chester Volunteers, First Pennsylvania Reserves:  "Her son was dead.  Some said she should be proud."

Nathaniel's Return

The sequel to the story of Nathaniel and Valentine and their journey home:  "What time is it?" asked the man in rolled up shirtsleeves, idly scratching his scruffy goatee, his stained uniform jacket folded over his right knee."

George and Florence:  Always Yours

The story of my grandfather and grandmother and how everything they built -- our house, the family business -- is gone:  "This is the story of a man who built a house."


Rambling Snapshots

On the Road Again in 2010 in my Miata. Dispatches from the road sent back to the local newspaper.  Reflections on books (To Kill A Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, Maltese Falcon) and 1950 era Science Fiction Grade B movies (Them, The Thing, The Monolith Monsters):  "This will be the second time I’ve traveled across our continent.  First was when dad and mom packed up our family -- two brothers, two sisters, and me -- in a Dodge Motor Home."


Curvas Peligrosas:  Dangerous Curves

Also on Amazon -- kindle edition the best edition

A typical romantic adventure on a mission trip to Honduras, with knives, rum, and jealous paramours:  "Three minutes later he returned with his hands hidden behind his back.  “I wish I had a white rose to give you, Carolyn Rose,” Rick apologized.  “And I know it is June and not July nor January.  But here.”  He brought his hand around and held up a pink blossom.  “Here.  I ran into Vamos a Ver and cut it from one of those plants.  I think I scared a few of the drunks.  Here.”  He reached over, gently brushed aside her hair, and slid the pink blossom over her ear."

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