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In June of 2017, Andrews traveled the country to reflect on historical sites and events that inspired songwriter and activist Woody Guthrie.

- Grand Coulee Dam, 

Woody Guthrie

"Green pastures of plenty from dry desert ground
From the Grand Coulee Dam where the waters run down
Every state in the Union us migrants have been
We'll work in this fight and we'll fight till we win"


Travels with Woody


Prologue:  John Henry

"Anybody can visit the Grand Canyon and admire that big hole in the ground, but can you boast of having visited the John Henry Historical Park west of Talcott, Summers County, West Virginia?  We can."

This Land:  Geneva to North Bay

"We four friends packed up and said goodbye at the same time, partly because the weather was typical Geneva, New York weather:  cool and wet and promising to get wetter."

Bob and John.JPG

Coda:  Border Crossings

"Me on the road from Minot, North Dakota, Friday June 9 (now a week on the road):  Musing about borders and how easy it is for us to cross from one state into the next."


This Land:  Calumet

"On this spot children were crushed to death.  Debates discuss how many, but you and I both know one child is too many."


This Land:  Work

"Driving along the Highline as they call it, heading west from Minot, North Dakota, along Route 2, the Great Northern Highway, I looked around and found myself at ground zero of the Dakota Access Pipeline operations."


Coda:  Driving Habits

"Here I am in a little red convertible in a world of white pick-up trucks.  Many of these pick-ups sport thick extra bumpers in case they hit a crossing deer at night.  Me?  I’d be demolished."


This: Coulee Dam

"I should have realized the terrain was already in the name:  Coulee.  No mountain gorges..."

Coda:  Rivers

"We start off a trickle and then all all those experiences, all those encounters, all those others whom we meet flow into us and fill us as we flow downstream."

This Land: Oregon Trail and Cumberland Gap

"The end of the trail they said was the worst."

This Land: Tom Mooney

"Dial the hands of the clock back to July 22, 1916, and here is where a pipe bomb filled with shrapnel hidden inside a suitcase exploded, killing 10 persons and maiming 40.."

This Land: Tracey

"The police showed up next and interrogated them to discover who among them were labor organizers."

Coda: Roadside Attractions

"I regret having failed to visit the Wild Cat park."

This Land: Deportees

"We are never anonymous if we have a name"

This Land: Reno and Coda - It's Big

"I can hear Woody grinning."


This Land: Ludlow

"Is there ever such a thing as a do-over?"

This Land:  Okemah and North Canadian Bridge and Coda Old Man Trump

"It was a time when a lynching was cause for a family picnic and photographs."

This Land:  Pampa

"It is not a fun song."

The Land : The Wreck of Old 97

"Some disasters were born to inspire ballads."

This Land:  Mermaid Avenue

"When you want a little Mermaid Avenue pleasure."

This Land:  So Long

"The season of loss.  The season of parting."

This Land:  Epilogue

"Take it easy.  But take it."

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