• Robert John Andrews

Poems: Smile in my locket

Mommy’s sister gave mommy a gift one day.

A little box wrapped in pretty paper.

Mommy let me pull the pink ribbon.

I danced to see what auntie had given Mommy.

Mommy opened the lid… and there inside was a cloud!

The cloud was all billowy and soft and white.

I thought the cloud was the gift but there was more.

My fingers tugged gently at the cloud.

All the puffiness pulled away.

And what did we see?

There curled up on another cloud.

Nesting in our little box.

Was a string of gold coiled up like a kitty cat asleep.

I wanted to touch it but mommy asked me to wait.

Then she pulled at the string of gold.

The string stretched out.

And what come out last?

It was a golden circle.

Mommy said to me: “Isn’t it beautiful.”

What a lovely gift.

I told Mommy I thought it was lovely too.

Even though I didn’t know what it was.

Mommy then widened the string of gold with two hands.

And placed it over her head till it rested on her neck.

The golden circle rested on her chest.

She patted it and smiled.

I smiled too.

I smiled a bigger smile when mommy lifted the necklace.

Mommy placed it over my head.

And now the golden circle rested on my chest too.

“Look,” said mommy, as she held the circle in her palm.

“It is a special necklace because this circle is a locket.”

I didn’t understand that word so she showed me.

She pushed a tiny button and the circle opened like a door.

Inside was all gold too.

But it was empty.

Mommy said: “All lockets are empty until you fill them with special things.”

“What are special things” I asked.

“Some,” she said, “are pictures of our babies, like you and your Bro-Bro too.”

“Some are pictures of their husbands.”

“Some will put a tear inside their locket to hold a sadness close to their heart.”

“But for me, the most special thing that you and I can share would be…”

She paused.

“Would be to put a smile in our locket.”

“When those times come when we feel sad.”

“Or when we feel upset.”

“Or when we are worried.”

“Or when we are afraid.”

“We can open up our locket and take out our smile.”

“And we can put our smile on our face.”

“Letting all the hope and faith and love fill our hearts.”

I thought mommy was right.

She usually is.

A smile inside our locket is the most special gift of all.

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