Robert John Andrews specializes in human interest columns with a spiritual twist, where local issues and neighborhood topics provide a window to the universal.  It is so average.  So incredibly special.  Give me my ordinary everyday, neat.

Here is my reflection on the current state and possible future of today's church:  "Morning is Wiser than Night."


See Columns under Projects for my newest column, October: "I sat on the bench." 

Glad for visitors to my site.  That's why I tossed everything into the pot.  There's the full draft of This Land and you can even find my Beyond the Third Grade Bible Primer under articles.  


Reflection from July 21, Martha My Dear, about Mary and listening

Reflection from June 16, Free For, about being freed for rather than freed from

Reflection from March 17, 2019.  I play with Jesus' attitude toward Jerusalem with an introduction about Alienated America book. 


Our ‘Susquehanna Meditations’ is now available on SoundCloud along with Cameo Conversations.  Go to search and enter RJAndrews.  Or go to Cameo Conversations and SoundCloud under Projects and click on.  This piece is a series of reflections, meditations, love poems on seasonal curiosities of the Susquehanna Valley (such falling leaves, shad run, west branch, onion snow, young bucks, mockingbirds, eels, rattlesnakes).  We thank local musicians Van Wagner and Woody Wolf for their accompanying songs.

SoundCloud hosts my reflection from 16 December, 2018:  "Home," where I recount the story of Joseph and Mary and why, thanks to the gifts of the Magi (panic and terror) they became refugees twice.

SoundCloud hosts my message from 18 November, 2018:  "Ourstory."  Freddie Mercury meets Jesus meets FDR.


Also you will find on SoundCloud my reflection from Sunday, 21 October, 2018:  Job's Opera, delivered at Grove Presbyterian Church.

We also are pleased to invite you, via SoundCloud, to enjoy our dramatic reading in November of "Our Town" as well as our December presentation of  "The Gift of the Magi" and "A Child's Christmas in Wales."


October 6 -- Emporium Church at 10:30 AM
October 11 - Watsontown Church at 10:30 AM
October 18 - Watsontown Church at 10:30 AM
November 1 -- Lycoming Church at 10:45
November 15 - Lycoming Church at 10:45
November 22 - Watsontown Church at 10:30 AM
November 29 - Watsontown Church at 10:30 AM


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