Robert John Andrews specializes in human interest columns with a spiritual twist, where local issues and neighborhood topics provide a window to the universal.  It is so average.  So incredibly special.  Give me my ordinary everyday, neat.

Here is my reflection on the current state and possible future of today's church:  "Morning is Wiser than Night."


See Columns under Projects for my newest column -- Here There Be Tygers:  "Anybody can lecture."

And if anybody should be interested, here's a copy of our annual Christmas letter for 2020 -- terribly self-indulgent but a useful way of getting perspective on the year...

Glad for visitors to my site.  That's why I tossed everything into the pot.  There's the full draft of This Land and you can even find my Beyond the Third Grade Bible Primer under articles.  


May 16 -- at Watsontown at 10:30 
May 23 -- at Sunbury at 10:30