Robert John Andrews specializes in human interest columns with a spiritual twist, where local issues and neighborhood topics provide a window to the universal.  It is so average.  So incredibly special.  Give me my ordinary everyday, neat.

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News Flash!   


Check out our Grove Church Podcast, featuring Pastor Jason Clapper and myself offering 15-20 minute presentations on puzzling, weird, and bizarre aspects and texts of the Bible.  We call it "Beyond Third Grade." 


All episodes are featured on the Grove Church website. 


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Here is the full list of episodes"


  1. Why Beyond Third Grade?

  2. Is the Bible really a holy book (and how do we really read these books)?

  3. Who wrote the Bible?

  4. Does evolution disprove the Biblical account of creation?

  5. Did women really come from man’s rib?

  6. Where did Cain find his wife?

  7. Who are these sons of God fooling around with our women? How did they get to live for so long back then?

  8. Was there really a Noah’s Ark?

  9. Why would God want Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed?

  10. Why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son?

  11. What is this about burning bushes and manna?

  12. How could lamb’s blood prevent the first born son from being killed?

  13. How could Moses part the Red Sea?

  14. How can an ass talk?

  15. Why would God approve of genocide? 

  16. Did they really destroy the walls of Jericho with horns? Did God stop the sun?

  17. Why would God punish Uzzah for touching the ark? 

  18. Why would a prophet kill children with two she-bears?

  19. Why would God let Satan test Job?

  20. Did the hip bone connect to the leg bone in the Valley of Dry Bones?

  21. Did Jonah get swallowed by a whale?

  22. What is hell and what is heaven?

  23. Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?

  24. Where is the Trinity in the Bible?

  25. Okay now, how can a virgin get pregnant?

  26. Was Jesus really born in a stable?

  27. How could Jesus turn water into wine?

  28. Is Jesus the only way to God?

  29. How can we be resurrected if we have been cremated?

  30. What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

  31. Is man the head of the woman?

  32. Should I expect the rapture?

  33. Are priests holier than the rest of us?

  34. Is Armageddon around the corner? Why is the Apocalypse of Revelation so weird and so frightening?And Is the number of the anti-Christ 666?


December 4 -- Sunbury, 10:30
December 9 -- Lewisburg, 10:30
December 18 -- Sunbury, 10:30
December 11 -- Lewisburg, 10:30